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The Goddard family has been in the fallen animal collection and disposal business for more than 70 years.
The business is now owned & run by Reg Goddard and his sons Grant & Scott and has operated from the present site in Camrose since 1965.

Founded by Tom Goddard, the site was originally operated as a conventional knackery. The family would collect dead or injured animals from all over the county. At that time we would pay the farmers to take their dead stock. Profit was made by trying to salvage as much as possible from the carcasses. This included selling hides to the tanneries and the meat to pet food manufacturers.

In the early 1980’s Tom Goddard invested in equipment to allow us to manufacture our own brand of pet food. A good quality product was cooked, packaged and refrigerated on-site. The company delivered its product to various sites all over the UK.
The early 1990’s saw the onset of the BSE crisis and the associated national cull of cattle over thirty months old. The business activities were expanded to incorporate an animal carcass incinerator, and In order to cope with the increasing workload, mostly under Government contract, a second incinerator was installed in 1996.

In 2008 due to increasing fuel costs and changes to legislation it was no longer viable to continue the incinerating and the decision was made to use rendering as a form of disposal/recycling. The company currently sends all of their waste to a number of rendering facilities throughout the UK.
Find out more about the rendering process here.

Over the last few years we have worked hard to recycle as much of the material we collect as possible. We are proud to say that these days we recycle 100% of the material we collect.
We have also expanded the business in to different waste streams including recycling Scrap metal and food waste.

Tom Goddard and Sons Ltd is actively reviewing its practices and exploring alternative technologies which we hope will make the business of animal collection and disposal more cost effective.

The aim of the company is to provide the farming community and the like with a high quality, efficient and most importantly an affordable means of dead stock and animal waste disposal.